The MachineWhisperer Project is aimed at mechanical knowledge sharing. There are lots of great machines out there that are old, seemingly outdated, yet still perform their jobs perfectly. Our mission is to encourage machine/ equipment owners, operators, and mechanics to maintain instead of replace, renew and rebuild, not scrap and abandon.
In pusuit of a world where the idea of throwing away a functional machine is questioned and analyzed, inspected and found flawed. Starting when new, proper care, use of the best products, good maintenance schedules, and correct maintenance techniques can lead to dramatically increased lifespan, reliability and efficiency of the machines we rely on everyday to make our lives so easy.
Coming SOON The first of the pre-release sales of the MachineWhisperer Book: ‘Notes from a MachineWhisperer’’ ‘A how-to guide for improving longevity, reliability and efficiency for most modern machines’ By Eric Maki This book will be available on good ole paper in late 2015,  but will be available sooner in electronic (.pdf) and Amazon Kindle format
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